About Us

Beginning our journey in the year 2012, Urban Foods stepped in the industry of sauces with the help of the untiring efforts of our CEO and the team members. With the extensive experience of our crew and chefs, a complete range of continental sauces and smooth and healthy jams has been introduced for the customers looking for a change in the taste of their daily routine sauces. After gaining a successful response back in UK, we had started our new plant here in Karachi Pakistan, and we aim to grow more in global countries as the time moves ahead.

Urban Foods delightfully introduces its first range PERFECTO, to add a great balance to your dishes by mixing the perfect sauce. The company is committed to deliver the sauces that are not only best in taste but are also freshly made from all organic ingredients with no artificial flavor added. The sauces are prepared under all controlled situations proving it to be consistent and germ free. As for the jams, they are created from farm fresh fruits without adding any preservatives and artificial colors. The company also hold the Halal Food Certification from Sindh Food Authority Act.

Our aim is to provide each sauce with perfect taste and spice that will melt your tastebuds. We would love to delight our customers by the perfect combination of fruits and sweets in the jam that will make your breakfast a satisfying one. PEREFCTO, Taste Turned Up… the tagline says it all. We strive to deliver the perfect combination of ingredients in the most affordable rates to make your meal times perfect as they were never before!

The head office and the production facility of Urban Foods is situated in Korangi, Karachi. Our combined efforts are targeted to serve our customers and make the name of PERFECTO fall among the leading sauce brands of the country that will not only deliver locally but also set its pace around the globe.


Why We Came on This Philosophy

In this ever-growing world of faming industries and the expansion of food industry in the recent years, what every customer require is a perfect taste to his each meal, the dilemma of eating in fancy restaurants has made each consumer choosy in each ingredient of his daily life food. That’s where specifically the idea of PERFECTO came in, we believed that a perfect taste of sauce can add more flavor and relish the normal dishes. We believed that a perfect combination of the right sauce can turn up the food enjoyment for all, and our sauces can prove to be one of the best sidelines to make the main dish a luscious appetite.


The products we are offering includes a wide range of continental sauces, flavored mayonnaise and several smooth fruit jams.

The wide ranges of sauces that we are offering include a range of continental sauces, flavoured mayonnaise and several smooth fruit jams. The sauces that we offer are tantalising and are unique products that will give you an experience that will leave you buying our whole stock! Cherish the Perfect moment when your favourite snacks get dipped in our wide range of sauces!

The Product Range

The products we are offering includes a wide range of continental sauces, flavored mayonnaise and several smooth fruit jams.


PERFECTO promises to deliver the extensive range of sour and sweet sauces to accompany each food dish with its perfect combination.

Ketchup sauce
chilli sauce


Our wide range of rich and creamy mayonnaise can proof to be a perfect combination to go with each appetite!


We at PERFECTO prepare jams one of our kinds, the fruitiest taste you will never get in any other jam!


What makes us different from many other sauce companies is our extensive range of products. The three broad ranges of sauces, jams and mayonnaise and the different flavors that fall underneath each range. For each continental flavor, a sauce is designated to give the perfect combination to our customer’s food dishes. We excel in producing numerous amounts of sauces and that too with all natural and fresh ingredients with no number of artificial flavors. The number of preservatives added to our sauces is also kept minimum so that the natural consistency is not disturbed. PERFECTO believes in delivering 100% original products and keeps the satisfaction of its customer the first priority.